Thoughts you Don’t Know You Don’t Know You Have

We all have thoughts…duh!  Well what most of us don’t know is that these thoughts are a direct, let me repeat that, direct reflection of the results in our lives.  Don’t believe me?  Watch those thoughts!!!!!!!

Redefining Your Definitions to Be Successful

Do you ever get stuck and wonder what is the source?  Or are unable to breakthrough to get things done?  Check out what definitions you have created over the years for your emotions…you may just find that by changing them you can change your life.

How to Get 3x’s More While Studying

Have you ever been studying something and by the time you were finished you forget what the heck you where doing in the first place?  Or how about this one…where you are studying and your mind begins to drift and daydream and goes all over the place?  This is a technique that I just started doing that has helped me tremendously.  Enjoy!

Being Divinely Guided In Your Business

Is it ok to ask for divine guidance to grow your business?  Is it selfish or wrong?  Does a Higher Power even care about what we do and how successful it is?  I believe so…here are some things that have helped me become successful in more than one way.  Hope this helps!

Living Your Passion When The World Is In Chaos

Crazy things have been happening in the world.  From hurricanes to mass shootings chaos has been dominating on the planet.  What do we do during this time of crisis? Do we stop living our passion? Focus on the problems and all the fear?  Here are a few things to do that will take you out of the pain and into the solution.